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Coastal Family Practice And Internal Medicine
2207 Delaney Ave
Wilmington, NC 28451

Phone: 910-763-3481
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In Business Since 1948

Direct Care Health Plan

Introducing An Alternative Plan to Offset the Rising Cost of Health Care.

Membership Fees are prepaid monthly.
Initial enrollment is FREE*

Individual.................$75.00 per month
Couple....................$125.00 per month
Child ......$25.00 per month up to 2 children
                     $10 for each additional child

*Initial enrollment is free. However, if you cancel your enrollment, there will be a $250.00 free should you choose to re-enroll at a later date.

Office - Free
Virtual - Free
House CAlls - $50

CBC - Free
EKG - Free
Strep Test - Free
Urinalysis - Free
Urine Pregnancy - Free
Blood Sugar Check - Free
Hemocult, Blood in Stool - Free
Tradional Pap Smear - Free
Liquid Pap Smear - $30.00
Prostate Screening - Free
Membership Benefits
  • 24/7 access to doctor/physician assistant by cell phone
  • Unlimited emails and phone calls
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Yearly wellness and prevention planning-including screening lab work, urinalysis and EKG
  • Many Labs and diagnostic tests
  • Access to discounted, non covered services and tests
  • No long term contract
As we grow we will continue to expand our service offered. We are currently working on negotiating a network of providers who would be willing to provide discounted services to our members for such things as prescriptions, mammograms, colonoscaopy, xray and ultrasound.


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